Bud Freed's Keshequa 170 White Cedar Canoe

Bud Freed hails from Coldwater Michigan. He writes: "... I have been doing woodworking for several years and have even remodeled a house but his was my first attempt at making a canoe. I had never even seen a completed cedar strip canoe before I had completed mine. I had only seen pictures on the Internet..."

"...My Canoe is made of Northen White Cedar with a Walnut accent stripe and Red Oak rails..."

Sanding the interior smooth.

Laying the interior glass and wetting it out.

The exterior glassing completed.

Installing the gunwales (rails). Several clamps are a big help!

Here Bud's shown hand-weaving his caned canoe seats. Excellent craftsmanship Bud!

"...When I told my friends and family I was going to build a canoe they thought I was joking or nuts so I had to prove them wrong..."

The completed canoe

This canoe won FIRST PLACE in the "Woodworking" and "Best Of Show" categories for adult entries at Bud's local County Fair (August 2001). Bud's canoe will certainly be enjoyed. The craftsmanship he's displayed makes it very hard to believe that this is his first strip canoe project!

Bud is interested in meeting other canoe builders in his area. Please email him at bud7065@webtv.net

Bud, thank you for sharing your pictures with all of us. It's been a real pleasure!

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