Bill Holman's "Modified" Keshequa 170 Canoe

Working on and off over a two year period, Bill Holman of Idaho built his Keshequa 170 cedar strip canoe using our "staple-less" method and "level stripping" technique. His canoe features a modification of the sheer line from the plans.

Bill has reduced the stem height by 4", altering the sheerline and stem height to his liking. The sheer strip was placed higher on the upside down stem (away from the strongback) to achieve this. He's also manipulated the sheer strip to flow gracefully back to the center station.

Bill writes: "...I used all colors of western red cedar, cove and bead joints, and staple-less construction. (very time consuming, quite worth it). The Gilpatrick seats are very comfortable..."

" 17-footer weighs just 60 pounds! I was very pleasantly surprised by that. It is extremely easy to load and handle solo. I will probably remount the front seat as a slider this winter, as my wife is 5' 2" and other paddling partners are quite a bit taller.

"...Our maiden voyage was at Priest Lake in northern Idaho, and the smile says it all. My wife is happy to be able to park her car in the garage again as well..."

"...Thanks for the great design. It is a dream to paddle and attracts many comments wherever we take it."

Another beautiful cedarstrip canoe by a first-time builder. Bill will receive many compliments about his craftsmanship for years to come, no doubt about it!
Thank you Bill, for taking the time to share your pictures and comments about your Keshequa 170 canoe. Happy Paddling!

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