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Tom Hower's Keshequa Canoe: There is something grand on Michigan's beautiful waterways...Tom Howers' Keshequa 170 strip canoe! Tom is graciously sharing some pictures of it's construction during early 2000. (He's also got a fantastic workspace with large windows with plenty of natural lighting...we're all jealous of that!)

JR Hott's Cedar Strip Canoe: Florida resident JR Hott is the talented builder of this Keshequa 170 canoe. Several pictures taken during construction are displayed here. Take a look and get inspired!

Ron Tonies Keshequa Canoe: Ohio's newest strip canoe builder is Ron Tonies. He enjoyed the experience very much and achieved fantastic results! His level-stripped & stapled hull Keshequa 170 features some Pine accent strips. Please enjoy his pictures and commentary.

Howard Seaver's Keshequa 170 Canoe: Howard Seaver, of the Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland, took on the project of building his first strip canoe. With some help from his friends and family, he produced a gorgeous Keshequa 170 must see the results of his finishing the canoe with a 2-part urethane...absolutely stunning!

Tim Anderson's Basswood Strip Canoe: Tim's building his Northcreek 160 canoe using Basswood and Spanish Cedar strips. This Oklahoma resident's construction pictures show that alternative wood choices + fine craftsmanship = a beautiful canoe!

Bill Holman's "Modified" Keshequa 170 Canoe: Bill Holman of Idaho has modified his canoe to produce an elegant version of our Keshequa 170. His customization should serve him very well!

Bud Freed's **AWARD WINNING** Keshequa 170 White Cedar Canoe: Coldwater Michigan's Bud Freed built his Keshequa 170 using White Cedar with Walnut accent striping. Although he's never seen a strip canoe in person, he was intrigued enough from viewing pictures of them on the Internet to attempt building one. This first-timer achieved such excellent results that he won 2 Awards at a regional competition!

Steve Pettey's Cypress stripped Keshequa 150 Canoe: Steve Pettey of Texas has modified the station spacing of our Keshequa 170 canoe to produce a 15 ft. version. He has graciously shared some pictures and commentary about the construction process.

Phil Stanworth's Seneca 140: York, England is the location of Phil's first canoe construction project. Completed in the summer of 2000, he has done a superb job through and through! Take a look at a few of the pictures he's shared with us.

Dick Winter's Keshequa 170 Cedarstrip Canoe: Idaho's Dick Winter shares construction pictures of building his first cedarstrip canoe, which he completed in the summer of 2006. He made his own paddles and handwoven cane seats too!

Dick really crafted a beautiful canoe!

Gary Gilland's Indienne White Cedarstrip Canoe: During the summer of 2012 Gary Gilland of Beacon NY built his Indienne canoe from White Cedar strips with inlayed Mahogany arrow accents and custom graphics/decals. View his construction pictures, building comments, and some pictures of his woodcarvings. Gary definitely has professional woodworking skills!

Rob Haslam's Outback 200 Canoe: Recently, Rob Haslam of Geraldton, Ontario Canada completed his Outback 200 canoe from plans he had purchased several years ago. He's shared some recent pictures of it in use, along with some flattering comments regarding it's stability and paddling characteristics. He has a dozen canoes, but his Outback 200 was paddled the most in the summer of 2012!

Rob Haslam's Keshequa 170 "Wedding Canoe" Canoe: The early summer of 2013 had Rob Haslam of Geraldton, Ontario Canada building our Keshequa 170 canoe as a "Wedding Canoe", to celebrate is recent marriage. He's shared some pictures of himself and his new bride using it on their wedding day, while wearing their formal attire! The happy couple will take this canoe on their honeymoon canoe-camping trip!

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