Dick Winter's Keshequa 170 Cedarstrip Canoe

Dick is a first time cedarstrip canoe builder in Idaho, who's craftsmenship is undeniable!
We thank him for sharing the following pictures with us


After Dick cut the plywood stations to shape...


...he installed them square on the strongback, with their centerlines aligned to a taut string, producing a straight canoe.


Dick used our method of "Level Stripping" and is about to strip around the bilge area to close up the bottom.


This close-up view shows the beautiful job Dick performed in "weaving" the strip ends together, as the bottom is closed up.


The outside of the hull has been sanded smooth and sealed with clear marine epoxy. When the epoxy has hardened, it is lightly sanded and the fiberglass cloth is laid over the hull. The fiberglass cloth is then wetted out with additional clear marine epoxy, turning the cloth transparent and giving strength to the hull. Several more coats of epoxy will be applied to fill the weave of the cloth, making it as smooth as glass. Some friendly assistance makes the job go faster!



After the exterior epoxy has hardened and been sanded smooth, the hull is lifted from the stations and flipped right side up. The interior is then treated the same as the exterior... it's sanded smooth, sealed with epoxy, the fiberglass cloth laid in, wetted out, and the weave is filled with more epoxy. After hardenening, it also is sanded smooth



Here's Dick installing the gunwales, using clamps to hold the inwales & outwales together and in place while they are screwed through the hull, to each other. The cloudy appearance of the hull is due to the fine sanding of the clear marine epoxy coating. It will turn crystal clear again after several coats of marine spar varnish have been applied.



The decks are installed at each end of the canoe. Dick plugged their counterbored screw holes with wood plugs, for a nice touch.



The handwoven cane seats were made by Dick, along with the paddles & center carrying yoke. He's truly a craftsmen... in every sense of the word!



She's ready for her maiden paddle!



In the summer of 2006, Dick put his beautiful Keshequa 170 through it's paces...with Idaho's equally beautiful Lake Fernan as a backdrop!



Grandaughters ZoŽ, age 11 (left) and Devon, age 13, (right) have their turn enjoying Grandpa's handmade canoe!


We hope Dickís Keshequa 170 canoe will become a family heirloom... cherished and enjoyed by future generations, for many years to come!


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