JR Hott's Cedar Strip Canoe

JR Hott began constructing this Keshequa 170 in the autumn of 1999and completed it late April, 2000. This canoe was a surprise gift for his father, who was very happy to receive it and is especially proud that his son made it for him!. A wonderful gift idea, don't you agree?

The following pictures document his construction. JR is willing to reply to first time strip canoe builders to answer questions about strip canoe building from a first-timer's point of view. He can be reached at: JRDeepSea@aol.com

Our thanks to JR for sharing these pictures with us. Enjoy!

Construction begins!

Note how level and smooth flowing the strips are

The beautiful lines of JR's Keshequa 170 are starting to show

The bilge area is done...

...and on to filling in the bottom. Fine craftsmenship and attention to detail
are apparent in JR's "weaving" of the bottom strips!

The entire strongback has been transferred from the sawhorses to
the floor. Looks like JR's clever technique to make filling in the bottom easier

Stripping is done! Now the sanding, fairing and glassing of the outside begins

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