JR Hott's Cedar Strip Canoe Page 2

JR has moved onto the outer hull glassing of his Keshequa 170 canoe.

The random colors really seem alive!

Level stripping accents the sheerline nicely

The weave of the cloth is filled, ready for sanding

The outside's done. The interior has been sanded and a sealer coat of mixed epoxy has been applied. When hardened, the interior cloth will be installed.

The fiberglass cloth is smoothed out on the hull interior, ready for "wetting out" with mixed epoxy, just as the outside was done.

Now the interior cloth has been wetted out, turning it transparent. When this coat hardens, the cloth overhanging the outside will be trimmed back to the sheer line with a sharp utility knife.

14" long Ash hardwood decks have been fitted to the hull. The decks have been notched to receive the inwales. The decks are epoxied and screwed into place. Note the interesting grain pattern chosen for his decks

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