OUTBACK 200™ Canoe Plans

Outback Top View

The OUTBACK 200™ "freighter" canoe features a shallow arch hull, nice tumblehome for paddling comfort and very nice lines with narrow entry at the stems. The OUTBACK 200™ is a surprising pleasure to paddle with a big load!

Outback  Side View

If you've searched for a larger size canoe that the whole family can cruise together in, or one that can really be a "workhorse", look in the direction of the OUTBACK 200™ !

Outback Lines View

Outback 200™ Specifications

Length Overall

20 feet


42 inches


1-7/8 inches

Depth (at center)

15 inches

Stem Height

22.5 inches

6-inch Freeboard Capacity

1100 pounds

Completed Weight (with trim)

90 - 95 pounds

Station Spacing

12-3/4 inches on center (really helps with "staple-less" construction)

Amount of Cedar Needed to Build

60 board feet select grade (approximate) for cutting into strips

Cloth & Epoxy Resin Needed to Build

20 yards 60 inch wide cloth & 4 gallons Epoxy Resin ( 6-ounce cloth suggested )

Plans Include

Full size templates for copying onto your station material and our generously illustrated "Building Hints" packet & e-mail support!


$45.00 (see "Ordering, Payment Method & Shipping Instructions")

Outback 3/4 View

This canoe hull design does not use an integral stem. It is built in the David Hazen / Gil Gilpatrick style of stripping.

Note: The plans assume you are thoroughly familiar with the actual construction process of a Cedar Strip Canoe using epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. Although it includes our generously illustrated Building Hints packet, we do not include "step by step" instructions.

For first time builders, we highly recommend BUILDING A STRIP CANOE (2nd Revised Edition), by Gil Gilpatrick

·  Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing; 2 Rev

    Exp edition (November 1, 2010)

·  Language: English

·  ISBN-10: 1565234839

·  ISBN-13: 978-1565234833

Check your local Public Library, bookstore or some of the online bookstores, such as Amazon.com for a copy.

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