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Rob Haslam's Outback 200 Canoe

Rob Haslam of Geraldton, Ontario Canada writes:  "I ordered Outback 200 plans from you a few years back. I finished it last summer, and I absolutely love it. I already have a dozen canoes, but not many of them saw the water last summer, due to the Outback. My fiancee is a bit nervous in canoes, but not so in the Outback. I took her and her 10 year old son on an introductory weekend canoe trip, and they had a great time."


"Thought I'd throw in a couple of pics of me porting it, just to show folks it can be done. I used a double layer of 6 ounce on the outside, and overlapped in a staggered pattern on the inside. I think it weighs around a 100 pounds. All the cedar is local, from within 10 miles of my place. Used system 3 silver tip, it was very nice."


"I have included the few pics that I took this summer, they're not very good. You may notice a black strip on the stems...that's a product called "Keel-easy" that I was trying on my canoes at school. I stuck a couple of strips on the Outback (on the left) for added protection, as I had planned to use it moose hunting this fall, and thought it might take a beating. I'll probably take them off this spring as they are unsightly."



"The pics with the two canoes in it are from my weekend trip with my fiancee and her son. "The other canoe (on the left) is a 20 footer as well. I stretched out an 18 foot John Winter's design. I was using that canoe with my fiancee until I had finished the Outback. She far preferred the Outback. She feels safe in the Outback, we can get some big waves quickly up here, and the Outback rides them high and dry. I haven't noticed a difference in moving speed from my other canoes, and it is very comfortable to paddle from."


"The picture of the truck with the snow is from our moose hunt...ended up not doing much paddling, but we have plans for it next year. When I fill it up with a moose, I will be sure to send you a pic."


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