Ron Tonies Keshequa Strip Canoe

Our thanks to Ron Tonies of Perrysburg, Ohio for sharing the following pictures and commentary about building his level-stripped Keshequa 170 cedarstrip canoe:

"...I used 1/2" plywood to make the stations. I think if I build another canoe, I would buy a better grade of plywood. The stations tended to split apart more than I would have liked, causing some of the staples not to take hold..."

"...I used 2x6's for the strongback. I was not able to get 18 footers so I spliced two 10 footers - it worked out great..."

"...I tried using two strips of white pine as accent stripes but unfortunately the color of the wood is not enough different to truly stand out. You can barely see them in these pictures. in the right light, they show up more prominently..."

"...I used the West epoxy system for both the canoe and paddles...
I used Titebond I glue for the canoe strips and Titebond II for the paddles..."

"...It was a great experience building the canoe. The plans you supplied and the email support you gave made it easy to build..."

"...I get almost as much satisfaction just looking at it in my garage as I do paddling in it..."

"...It was truly the most satisfying project I have done in my life..."

"...Thanks again for a fantastic experience."

We get the feeling that Ron's first self-built canoe won't be his last! With the gorgeous results of Ron's craftsmanship, we're sure he'll be gracing the waters of Ohio with another of his strip canoe creations soon.

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