Trapezoid Caned Seats and Seat Frames


Installed Cane Seat

These seats are big and comfortable! Perfect for those times when you prefer to sit during long paddles, fishing or just relaxing on the water.

Constructed of select Ash hardwood, the seats feature doweled tenon joinery.

For "Frame Only" seats, the frames are sanded and the edges rounded slightly for maximum comfort. The holes for caning are pre-drilled and chamfered slightly (on the top side), ready for you to varnish and weave with the caning material of your choice!

For "Pre-Caned & Varnished" seats, the frames are treated with 3 coats of spar varnish.The cane is then hand woven into the frame using medium size plastic cane & binder.

Plastic cane is the perfect choice for the weaving material in a canoe seat! It's almost indestructable, the soft feel is complimented by it's inability to splinter and fray! It doesn't absorb water or stretch when wet, it closely resembles varnished natural cane and it requires no maintenance!

In either seat style (above), you trim the length to fit your placement in the canoe.


Seat Frame Specifications (Frame Only)


Seat Frame



Select Ash Hardwood

Overall Length (trimmable)

28 inches

Overall Depth (front to back)

15 inches (approximate)

Seat Width (short edge)

15 inches (approximate)

Seat Width (long edge)

21 inches (approximate)


Pre-sanded, Drilled and Chamfered

Weight (each)

2-1/2 pounds (approximate)

Price (each)

$120 (see "Ordering, Payment Method & Shipping Instructions")


Pre-Caned & Varnished Seat Frames

Caned Seat Frame


Size & Material

Same as "Frame Only" (above)

Cane Material Description

Hand woven into frame medium plastic cane & binder


Three coats of spar varnish

Weight (each)

3 pounds (approximate)

Price (each)

$280 (see "Ordering, Payment Method & Shipping Instructions")

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