Tom Hower's Keshequa Canoe Page 2

As these pictures show, Tom's done with stripping the hull and will fair everything smooth in preparation for the outer sheathing of fiberglass cloth.

Very nice lines indeed!

His choice strips have a nice mix of colors. The varying hues are sure to make this an eye-catching canoe!

Tom's tight "weaving" of the bottom strips' where they meet at the centerline ensure a nice closure of the hull.

Scarf Joints were used instead of Butt Joints at the strip ends along the side of the hull, as that's the way he preferred to build it.

A sealer coat of mixed epoxy has been applied to the sanded smooth hull.

We recommend you apply an epoxy sealing coat to the hull, inside & out, before lay-up of their respective fiberglass cloth sheathings.

Beautiful blending of colors on your hull, Tom!

Tom has named his canoe "Osprey" and applied custom graphics to the bow.
Here his Osprey is shown at the end of a one mile portage in the "Boundary Waters".

"...This is the sweetest handling canoe we have ever paddled. Reverse paddle she is great as a solo too."

Tom's other talents include wood carving & he sent us these pictures...

(A very talented guy indeed)

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